Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Dream of Death...

M: I can see it's going to take decades to overcome all this ego conditioning, which results in knee jerk, automatic responses to just about everything I encounter. The judging is instantaneous.

C: Do NOT seek to mark progress by the ego's standards, demanding that you seek but never find, for in that you can never succeed and this is what constantly provokes impatience. Your most monumental successes have seemingly stalled your progress interminably, while what you conceive as abject failure has resulted in leaps and bounds of immeasurable progress.

When the goal is certain, time is inconsequential and is easily dismissed. Your complaints about the time this takes identifies your uncertainty of the goal. When the goal is certain time will cease to be a factor and you will marvel at the speed of your progress.

M: All this talk about the ego, I'm not even sure what an ego is.

C: The ego is simply a belief that events can happen outside your WILL. It is a belief that you are victim to a "world" outside your mind. The ego is the idolization of UNCERTAINTY, defining a world of "chance" in which random events seem to determine your DESTINY.

Very simply, the ego is a dream of death and nothing IN the dream can escape that goal. Although you seek to sculpt a life separate from the goal of death, allegiance to the ego makes that goal paramount above all others. 

Note the recurring dissonance that has mediated your entire life, as you vacillate between God's voice and the ego, never fully conforming to either. This is the definition of SUFFERING and the contracted state of your mind is the state of your "world," because it is NOT separate from YOU, existing entirely WITHIN your mind.

M: It's like I'm addicted to the ego. All day long I note how its cravings color my world and direct what I see and how I think. I try to disengage from the ego, but the pull is very strong.

C: Make no mistake, the alcoholic is NOT addicted to alcohol, but to the belief that he NEEDS alcohol to be "happy." You are addicted to the belief that you NEED the ego to be "happy." Yet, like the alcoholic, you have come no closer to that goal and, in fact, it is your movement farther away that has brought you to me.

My brother, you have grown very weary of your relapses into HELL in your continued acceptance of the ego's directive that HELL is healing. In your moments of clarity you DO realize that this world makes no sense and is entirely beyond REASON. What reason is there in the suffering endured from the moment of birth until the final breath becomes your only escape from a life of pain and torment? What is the reason for sickness and disease? What reason for poverty and starvation? What reason for the desolation of interminable war?

Yet, in your allegiance to what the ego PERCEIVES, you have agreed with IT that this "world" is a reasonable rendition of "truth," cascading you into a vortex of multiple LIES, each building upon the other, until TRUTH seems merely a miniscule beam of light shining through a tiny crack.

Even in the dream "you" complain that "truth" has been whittled down into specks of meaningless dust that blur your vision until you are eventually blinded by the lies through which you sculpt and structure your life, living in constant disappointment.

Awaken from your trance my brother, for you do this unto yourself. Seek NOT a hell of your making, because the kingdom of heaven is within you and thank the Father you did NOT make it REAL, for it was made for you to abide in perfect peace and happiness.