Friday, December 23, 2016

A Tapestry of Fluctuating Illusions...

M: I sat with my mother last week at the hospital. She's very old and in alot of pain. I recall her saying, "people don't understand that dying is hard work." That really stuck with me...

C: In a dream of death, what other purpose is there, but to achieve that goal?

Dying IS hard work, but all the separated ones are proficient in achieving that goal. Allegiance to the ego seems to insure the goal will be attained for this is what IT shows you and what you choose to SEE everywhere you look, demanding you accept its goal as your own.

Why choose death when eternal life is your inheritance, meaning you CANNOT die? Why would your Creator, the Creator of your mind and not "bodies," give you eternal life, only to have you choose death over His gift? You merely waste time for there is NO choice to be made, since it has already been made for YOU. How could it NOT? Realize there is nothing more need be done and deeply rest in that simple acknowledgement, letting TRUTH naturally arise as it will and must.

M: How can I not see death?

C: The ego is NOT your friend. Do not honor what it demands you look upon. Let what IT shows you bring you peace instead of fear, in the UNDERSTANDING that it is ALL a dream. What you call "death" is nothing more than a tapestry of fluctuating illusions, appearing to capture attention only to fade and disappear, allowing another to arise in its place. What you give attention to IDENTIFIES what you BELIEVE and if you believe in death you will see it all around you. Illusions disappear, but they do NOT die.

M: So my mother is an "illusion"?

C: My brother, "you" are an illusion.

M: So I should not honor myself?

C: Honor the part that I show you, because it is the only REALITY that exists and, thankfully,  does NOT rely on "you" to be maintained.

M: Clearly, I see is what the ego shows me,  but you haven't shown me anything yet.

C: Nothing you see is "clear," but shrouded in death, which lingers around the fringes of every illusion you invest in as "truth." Within the ego's arsenal, death is the most valuable weapon of insuring your obedience. Note, how frequently it has been used of late and how you have become entranced by it. Your value of it can be measured simply by the level of FEAR it provokes, and you have been very fearful lately.

Have faith in me and you will SEE marvels beyond what "sight" can reveal. Reliance on sight clouds VISION and vision is always WITHIN and does NOT rely on sensation derived from "body parts" in a dream. Nevertheless, when the clouds of sight begin to dissolve, sight will be miraculously transformed until it is no longer necessary. 

Your faith in the ego is apparent from your behaviors, which arise from what you VALUE and, make no mistake, what you value you MUST see and react to AS you see it. The Law of Cause and Effect is as relevant on "earth" as it is in Heaven. Yet, in Heaven there can be only ONE cause, because everything is ONE, while in the dream there seem to be billions, resulting in fear and confusion.

The question of WHY, haunts the separated ones, because in all their searching they come NO closer to an answer, even though the answer is right before their eyes, but only when they choose to NO longer rely upon the eyes will the answer be clear. BECAUSE God could NOT create a meaningless world, nothing you see means anything.


  1. "...nothing you see means anything" my only prayer is to believe it. Thank you

  2. Happy Birthday, C, and peace be with you, M!