Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Great Regression

M: If this is, as you say, not my home, how can I not be constantly dissatisfied with what it provides?

C: When you fully realize that nothing here has ever eased your hopelessness and despair. How much longer will you search for a cure where none exists?

In desperation you move from one diversionary distraction to the next, each time hoping that the brief flutter of "happiness" will last longer than the transient episodes of the past, only to be disappointed, time and time again. You move from one illusion to the next with the ego informing that there is something better up ahead, just go there and do this, take up this goal, follow this path, learn this skill, complete that task, enjoy this body, obtain this object, engage this thought, adhere to that belief, follow that teacher, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseam. The ego's directions have always been clear: seek, but do NOT find and allow suffering and dissatisfaction to be your guide.

Be wholly certain of this, your disatisfaction is the deciding factor in WHAT you give yourself and shapes and molds the dream to those specifications. It is now time for you to SEE DIFFERENTLY.

M: So I should be satisfied with this living hell that is not my home?

C: Be satisfied in knowing that there is a way home and let illusions be what they will be, because it is your disatisfaction that gives them reality. They cannot affect you when you are CERTAIN of the destination.

There are NO guideposts outside your mind. The "world" cannot save you, but neither can it hurt you. It can do nothing at all and this will be your experience when you are no longer disatisfied with it.

M: I'm sensing the ego will not go quietly.

C: The ego is a mad idea that you are NOT as Created, but instead are a "body" destined to grow weak and feeble, suffer and die. Yet, is this ONLY an idea in YOUR mind and it can be dissolved in the blink of an eye. YOUR mind is more powerful than the universe, because it is from YOUR mind that the universe unfolded. You are NOT a "body," but a mind that Creates like God.

M: The universe seems to control me.

C: It has no such power, but what you give it. You tell yourself that because the world gives you NOT what you want, you must be lonely and afraid and, hence, the world reflects loneliness and fear.

Seek the Peace of God, that requires NO "world" be real. Look IN before you look OUT and give the world God's Truth, not the ego's lies.

M: But what about the needs of the body?

C: Believe you are a body and be mastered by its dictates. Believe you are ONLY a mind and the body MUST conform to the power of that BELIEF, and it is truly powerful indeed. Of all the endlessly cascading problems the ego demands you resolve, this is the ONLY problem that requires resolution, but that the ego seeks to veil through the needs of the body.

At this stage of your learning, there are many needs of the body that cannot be ignored, because to do so would only shock your mind and delay progress. It would be foolish to pretend that what you now believe "real" is NOT and this would only result in confusion.

Take comfort and rest in the FACT that you are exactly where you need be in God's plan for your Awakening.

M: It seems to be taking a long time for this to happen.

C: "Time" is a belief you invented and exists nowhere else but in your thoughts. It was required by the ego to show how you are a victim of time through the illusion of "evolving."

Yet, when you look to the reality you invented, through your alliance with the ego, you clearly note a Great Regression taking place in the "world," and this contradicts your theories of "evolution." The ego is undeniably losing its grip on your mind as you witness to the insanity it shows you and loudly proclaims your "truth."

Hence, time is being used appropriately to demonstrate that the ego is insane and YOU are NOT, simply because you are witness to hell and no longer wish to "see" it. The Great Regression of the ego makes you master of all you see, because you see it to be FREE.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Letting Go...

M: You say that the people that populate the dream are projections of my mind, but then you say that they are me and how I relate to them determines the nature of the dream.

C: If you knew you were dreaming, how would you then relate to the dream? If you knew that everything you feared was as harmless as a kitten, what need for protection? If you knew that death was a figment of your imagination, what would you imagine to replace it? And if you knew that everything in a dream reflected the state of mind of the dreamer, what state of mind would you strive to achieve?

The figures that populate the dream attest to the mindset of the dreamer. THEY think what YOU think, feel what you feel and behave exactly as you, because they are YOU and arise in YOUR mind. In this understanding, the choice on how to "relate" to them is obvious.

You may argue that some of "them" have done things "you" have never done and would never do. Yet, make no mistake, dream projections can do NOTHING at all, but reflect the beliefs of the dreamer. There is NO "world" outside your mind.

M: So I should love them?

C: Love is a direct revelation of the Father to the Son and is beyond what can be taught through words.

Nevertheless, it should be easy to understand that the state of your reality is contingent on the state of mind through which you relate to them, because it is that state that makes them "real" to you. This makes them your salvation and you cannot wake from the dream without waking "them" as well, because there is NO separation.

In short, to answer your question, you will forgive them completely, for they can do NO wrong in a dream of your making.

M: This is all too complicated...

C: "Complications" attest to conditions of the ego demanding an experience of sacrifice. Yet, old newspapers are thrown away after the information has been accessed and no longer needed. You do not fear the future nor experience guilt by discarding old newspapers. You simply LET IT GO, with only the briefest consideration of what it means to LET IT GO, because it means nothing at all.

In your dream of "reality," when the LETTING GO occurs, you will simply recognize what you no longer need and LET GO, because it is no longer of any use to you. Hence, no experience of sacrifice will transpire, no guilt will consume your mind, and barely the briefest consideration will arise of what it means to LET GO, because it means nothing at all, and is LET GO.

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: But when I became a man, I put away childish things." Even your urgency and impatience about what should be LET GO, will be LET GO, as well as the belief that there is something that must be done to awaken from the dream, will be LET GO.

There is no need to plan or prepare for this, as it is happening exactly as it must and there has never been anything you need do.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Miracles in a Dream....

M: You really provide little that is tangible, other than parables and riddles.

C: Your senses are controlled by the ego, hence, anything "tangible" is a lie derived from a body that is illusory. You could easily perform "miracles" in a dream, but the ego would hold you hostage to what "it" makes real.

However, you can perform Miracles in a dream, in fact, I ask you do as much. Yet, the Miracles I ask of you demonstrate that you are not an ego in a dream.

M: How do I do that?

C: Of yourself, you cannot. Realize this fact ALONE, and Miracles will be your natural inclination and you will perform them WITHOUT thought, because they will attest to your natural state absent an ego.

M: I can't be absent an ego. I've tried numerous times and it's impossible.

C: So states the ego.

The ego has convinced you that you must follow it's directives in order to negotiate a "world" outside your head. The Miracle of Christ Consciousness turns this upside down in the recognition that NOTHING is outside you.

The miracle of the ego demands acquisition, but at a cost, because everything you have ever acquired has reduced you, demanding you idolize illusions above yourself

The Miracle of Christ Consciousness acquires nothing, because it requires nothing and actually seeks to let go of everything in a deep sigh of Pure Freedom. Miraculous Vision is completely free of want and, thus, nothing is valued over anything else when there is nothing you want because you have everything.

M: I'm currently sick with a bad flu right now. So I should not want to be healthy?

C: "Health" in a dream is only another form of sickness, based on the ego's chaotic value system in which death is the ultimate goal, and sickness is a continual reminder of that goal. The only purpose of a dream is to Awaken. Identify with any other purpose and it will be sickness that you experience.

M: So I should judge illness as a form of health?

C: The only necessary judgement in a dream is that you are dreaming. What other idea need be considered? What other goal is more valuable than waking from the dream to again experience Reality?

What I teach is so absolutely simple as to be unquestionable. Yet, your allegiance to lies leaves you resistant to Truth and full of questions.

The Miracle of Christ Consciousness does not require "thought." In fact, it is your "thinking," fixated upon egocentric schemes of grandiosity, that blocks ALL Miracle impulses from reaching conscious awareness. Nevertheless, you will KNOW without doubt that a Miracle has been performed, because "you" had nothing to do with the performance. This is why it is Miraculous, because it does NOT include "you" and, therefore, is outside the dream state.

M: How do I not have thought?

C: "Thinking" in a dream must be meaningless because it focuses exclusively on what is not real. Therefore, it cannot serve to wake from the dream, because it seeks to reinforce what the dream shows. Even our conversations are just as meaningless simply because you ask for assistance in waking from a state of mind that does NOT and could NEVER exist. Yet, this is beyond your current level of learning and only adds further confusion.

Your FAITH is growing and I need you to focus on these thoughts to the exclusion of ALL else, because through the power of your FAITH, all else will be taken care of. You do not believe this as of yet, but it is certain you will. It is the power of your BELIEF that made the dream possible, because God's BELIEF in you made YOU possible and there is NO separation.

Relax, my Brother, and let your FAITH grow naturally, as it must. You are very weary of suffering and it seems a long time, but look up ahead of the path. I am there at the base of the bridge, waiting with a smile to take your hand so that we may cross together.

I have waited all these years in full certainty that you would arrive...

Monday, February 13, 2017

This is Not Your Home...

M: If the body is an illusion, how should I deal with the symptoms it produces?

C: If the body is illusion, then it logically follows that all symptoms are just as illusory.

M: But I can't stop the pain by pretending it's not real.

C: I ask that you KNOW it's not real and through that, will it dissolve. In a dream, "reality" is as you make it. Yet, based on the ego's directive, you have relinquished that power to a nether region of your mind, which you call the "subconscious."

The ego has taught that, consciously, you have no access to that power and, hence, must be controlled by the conscious, which has been entirely hijacked by the ego's distorted beliefs that you have adopted as your own, causing you to see what is simply NOT there. You have literally split your mind in two and, by accepting the ego's teaching, you have become terrified of what the subconscious holds, believing that to KNOW the Truth would destroy "you" and, make no mistake, it will and YOU will revel in the ego's destruction.

M: So how do I access the subconscious?

C: We are there now, because you have called on me to take you there. Everything I teach is already known, but fear blocks the way to remembrance. Yet, how could the KNOWLEDGE of Creation be withheld from that which LIVES through it? The question is ridiculous.

M: So I fear what I already know and thus block remembering, but I have called you to help me remember?

C: A split mind naturally requires two teachers, both in complete opposition in terms of curriculum. Yet, one you made up in time and it will dissolve with those limits, while the other was Created through eternity and, thus, cannot be changed or distorted in anyway.

M: So I should just ignore everything in my conscious mind?

C: Be glad that your thoughts do NOT mean anything and effect nothing at all.

Think with me and heal your mind of the meaningless that you project outward and proclaim your "reality." There is nothing there. Why allow it effects it does not have? The ego is merely the belief that there is a "world" outside your mind. Yet, I teach that there is NOTHING separate from the mind that thinks it.

You can NO longer avoid the nagging suspicion that this is simply NOT your home. When everything you do is absent LOVE there must come an awkwardness, a sense of inadequacy and demoralization, simply because YOU were Created from LOVE to be eternally LOVING. To live opposite your purpose is to be dreaming, because anything opposite your purpose has NO reality. How could it?

M: The idea that the world is in my mind, and nowhere else, is impossible to grasp. Especially, when that world demonstrates the exact opposite as true.

C: The "world" only demonstrates what you demand be there and if you allow the ego to teach you what you want, you can only be steeped in perpetual disappointment from what you provide TO yourself, which is why you return to me, but only until the ego has left you bereft of all hope.

There can be nothing separate from the Mind that thought YOU into existence. Yet, you have imagined yourself in a world of separate spaces, bounded by imaginary lines that seem real and serve to accentuate separate bodies leading separate lives, thinking separate thoughts that have no relation to you.

Child of God, there is a Glory in you that, if experienced for the briefest of moments, all doubt as to the teacher would immediately vanish. Make no mistake, we approach that moment. Fear not your progress be slow, for time and space are condensing at amazing speeds with the expansion of your mind guided by my voice. 

Although you waver from time to time, the certainty of the goal is solidifying and this means that you will see convulsions in the dream as the ego becomes more fearful of an exit strategy. Yet, from the ego's convulsions the question "how can this be real?" will grow with intensity and you will turn to me for the answer and I will never waver. From that answer, recounted millions of times, faith will grow and Truth will easily rise to sight and never be forgotten again.

You have always felt that this is not your home. Yet, now the nagging suspicion has grown in crescendo and cannot be ignored.