Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Miracles in a Dream....

M: You really provide little that is tangible, other than parables and riddles.

C: Your senses are controlled by the ego, hence, anything "tangible" is a lie derived from a body that is illusory. You could easily perform "miracles" in a dream, but the ego would hold you hostage to what "it" makes real.

However, you can perform Miracles in a dream, in fact, I ask you do as much. Yet, the Miracles I ask of you demonstrate that you are not an ego in a dream.

M: How do I do that?

C: Of yourself, you cannot. Realize this fact ALONE, and Miracles will be your natural inclination and you will perform them WITHOUT thought, because they will attest to your natural state absent an ego.

M: I can't be absent an ego. I've tried numerous times and it's impossible.

C: So states the ego.

The ego has convinced you that you must follow it's directives in order to negotiate a "world" outside your head. The Miracle of Christ Consciousness turns this upside down in the recognition that NOTHING is outside you.

The miracle of the ego demands acquisition, but at a cost, because everything you have ever acquired has reduced you, demanding you idolize illusions above yourself

The Miracle of Christ Consciousness acquires nothing, because it requires nothing and actually seeks to let go of everything in a deep sigh of Pure Freedom. Miraculous Vision is completely free of want and, thus, nothing is valued over anything else when there is nothing you want because you have everything.

M: I'm currently sick with a bad flu right now. So I should not want to be healthy?

C: "Health" in a dream is only another form of sickness, based on the ego's chaotic value system in which death is the ultimate goal, and sickness is a continual reminder of that goal. The only purpose of a dream is to Awaken. Identify with any other purpose and it will be sickness that you experience.

M: So I should judge illness as a form of health?

C: The only necessary judgement in a dream is that you are dreaming. What other idea need be considered? What other goal is more valuable than waking from the dream to again experience Reality?

What I teach is so absolutely simple as to be unquestionable. Yet, your allegiance to lies leaves you resistant to Truth and full of questions.

The Miracle of Christ Consciousness does not require "thought." In fact, it is your "thinking," fixated upon egocentric schemes of grandiosity, that blocks ALL Miracle impulses from reaching conscious awareness. Nevertheless, you will KNOW without doubt that a Miracle has been performed, because "you" had nothing to do with the performance. This is why it is Miraculous, because it does NOT include "you" and, therefore, is outside the dream state.

M: How do I not have thought?

C: "Thinking" in a dream must be meaningless because it focuses exclusively on what is not real. Therefore, it cannot serve to wake from the dream, because it seeks to reinforce what the dream shows. Even our conversations are just as meaningless simply because you ask for assistance in waking from a state of mind that does NOT and could NEVER exist. Yet, this is beyond your current level of learning and only adds further confusion.

Your FAITH is growing and I need you to focus on these thoughts to the exclusion of ALL else, because through the power of your FAITH, all else will be taken care of. You do not believe this as of yet, but it is certain you will. It is the power of your BELIEF that made the dream possible, because God's BELIEF in you made YOU possible and there is NO separation.

Relax, my Brother, and let your FAITH grow naturally, as it must. You are very weary of suffering and it seems a long time, but look up ahead of the path. I am there at the base of the bridge, waiting with a smile to take your hand so that we may cross together.

I have waited all these years in full certainty that you would arrive...

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