Friday, February 17, 2017

The Letting Go...

M: You say that the people that populate the dream are projections of my mind, but then you say that they are me and how I relate to them determines the nature of the dream.

C: If you knew you were dreaming, how would you then relate to the dream? If you knew that everything you feared was as harmless as a kitten, what need for protection? If you knew that death was a figment of your imagination, what would you imagine to replace it? And if you knew that everything in a dream reflected the state of mind of the dreamer, what state of mind would you strive to achieve?

The figures that populate the dream attest to the mindset of the dreamer. THEY think what YOU think, feel what you feel and behave exactly as you, because they are YOU and arise in YOUR mind. In this understanding, the choice on how to "relate" to them is obvious.

You may argue that some of "them" have done things "you" have never done and would never do. Yet, make no mistake, dream projections can do NOTHING at all, but reflect the beliefs of the dreamer. There is NO "world" outside your mind.

M: So I should love them?

C: Love is a direct revelation of the Father to the Son and is beyond what can be taught through words.

Nevertheless, it should be easy to understand that the state of your reality is contingent on the state of mind through which you relate to them, because it is that state that makes them "real" to you. This makes them your salvation and you cannot wake from the dream without waking "them" as well, because there is NO separation.

In short, to answer your question, you will forgive them completely, for they can do NO wrong in a dream of your making.

M: This is all too complicated...

C: "Complications" attest to conditions of the ego demanding an experience of sacrifice. Yet, old newspapers are thrown away after the information has been accessed and no longer needed. You do not fear the future nor experience guilt by discarding old newspapers. You simply LET IT GO, with only the briefest consideration of what it means to LET IT GO, because it means nothing at all.

In your dream of "reality," when the LETTING GO occurs, you will simply recognize what you no longer need and LET GO, because it is no longer of any use to you. Hence, no experience of sacrifice will transpire, no guilt will consume your mind, and barely the briefest consideration will arise of what it means to LET GO, because it means nothing at all, and is LET GO.

"When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: But when I became a man, I put away childish things." Even your urgency and impatience about what should be LET GO, will be LET GO, as well as the belief that there is something that must be done to awaken from the dream, will be LET GO.

There is no need to plan or prepare for this, as it is happening exactly as it must and there has never been anything you need do.


  1. Thank you. These three last posts give answer to many, many questions.

  2. I need to let go.
    I need do nothing.

    A little contradicting?

    Maybe Monday- Saturday let go, Sunday do nothing?

    1. I believe "letting go" and "doing nothing" are the same, just said differently.

      Words can be a problem...

    2. Thanks Mike!

      (I had actually come to the exact same conclusion after thinking about it some more yesterday.)

  3. Yes, I also think they are the same. When you begin to letting go, you realize there is nothing to do.