Monday, February 13, 2017

This is Not Your Home...

M: If the body is an illusion, how should I deal with the symptoms it produces?

C: If the body is illusion, then it logically follows that all symptoms are just as illusory.

M: But I can't stop the pain by pretending it's not real.

C: I ask that you KNOW it's not real and through that, will it dissolve. In a dream, "reality" is as you make it. Yet, based on the ego's directive, you have relinquished that power to a nether region of your mind, which you call the "subconscious."

The ego has taught that, consciously, you have no access to that power and, hence, must be controlled by the conscious, which has been entirely hijacked by the ego's distorted beliefs that you have adopted as your own, causing you to see what is simply NOT there. You have literally split your mind in two and, by accepting the ego's teaching, you have become terrified of what the subconscious holds, believing that to KNOW the Truth would destroy "you" and, make no mistake, it will and YOU will revel in the ego's destruction.

M: So how do I access the subconscious?

C: We are there now, because you have called on me to take you there. Everything I teach is already known, but fear blocks the way to remembrance. Yet, how could the KNOWLEDGE of Creation be withheld from that which LIVES through it? The question is ridiculous.

M: So I fear what I already know and thus block remembering, but I have called you to help me remember?

C: A split mind naturally requires two teachers, both in complete opposition in terms of curriculum. Yet, one you made up in time and it will dissolve with those limits, while the other was Created through eternity and, thus, cannot be changed or distorted in anyway.

M: So I should just ignore everything in my conscious mind?

C: Be glad that your thoughts do NOT mean anything and effect nothing at all.

Think with me and heal your mind of the meaningless that you project outward and proclaim your "reality." There is nothing there. Why allow it effects it does not have? The ego is merely the belief that there is a "world" outside your mind. Yet, I teach that there is NOTHING separate from the mind that thinks it.

You can NO longer avoid the nagging suspicion that this is simply NOT your home. When everything you do is absent LOVE there must come an awkwardness, a sense of inadequacy and demoralization, simply because YOU were Created from LOVE to be eternally LOVING. To live opposite your purpose is to be dreaming, because anything opposite your purpose has NO reality. How could it?

M: The idea that the world is in my mind, and nowhere else, is impossible to grasp. Especially, when that world demonstrates the exact opposite as true.

C: The "world" only demonstrates what you demand be there and if you allow the ego to teach you what you want, you can only be steeped in perpetual disappointment from what you provide TO yourself, which is why you return to me, but only until the ego has left you bereft of all hope.

There can be nothing separate from the Mind that thought YOU into existence. Yet, you have imagined yourself in a world of separate spaces, bounded by imaginary lines that seem real and serve to accentuate separate bodies leading separate lives, thinking separate thoughts that have no relation to you.

Child of God, there is a Glory in you that, if experienced for the briefest of moments, all doubt as to the teacher would immediately vanish. Make no mistake, we approach that moment. Fear not your progress be slow, for time and space are condensing at amazing speeds with the expansion of your mind guided by my voice. 

Although you waver from time to time, the certainty of the goal is solidifying and this means that you will see convulsions in the dream as the ego becomes more fearful of an exit strategy. Yet, from the ego's convulsions the question "how can this be real?" will grow with intensity and you will turn to me for the answer and I will never waver. From that answer, recounted millions of times, faith will grow and Truth will easily rise to sight and never be forgotten again.

You have always felt that this is not your home. Yet, now the nagging suspicion has grown in crescendo and cannot be ignored.


  1. Thank you very, very much. This is so true:

    "You have always felt that this is not your home. Yet, now the nagging suspicion has grown in crescendo and cannot be ignored."

    To me, this post is full of hope. I dont know how or why, but I have been waiting for it very long. thank you again.