Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Remembering to Laugh...

M: How do I get this peace and joy that relies on nothing in the world? I can't just generate peace and joy out of thin air.

C: Empty your mind of what the ego desires and the Peace of God will rush in to fill that emptiness. The ego wants you miserable, because suffering attests to it's "world" being real and, hence, to ITS own reality of death.

Each moment you dwell in the peace and joy of God, an experience that relies on nothing but YOUR choice to have it, you prove the opposite of what the ego teaches.

M: Well,  I've chosen it, but haven't got it yet.

C: Little brother, you receive what you are ready to accept and this has limited our discussions. Make no mistake, if you chose it, fully expecting to receive, you would have it. What you have chosen is demonstrated by the inconsistency of your moods, attitudes and behaviors.

Unless you are in DIRECT communication with me, you are listening to the ego and you will know this simply by how you FEEL. Be certain that whenever you are depressed or despondent you have accepted the ego's counsel as truth. Any moment you experience worry, dissatisfaction, boredom or fear, recognize that you have allied with a lie and turn to me for the Truth. Anger, rage, dissatisfaction, annoyance, all symbolize that you have accepted wrong advice and need seek out the ONE who knows.

M: Seems like alot of work.

C: Because you have no comparison, you have yet to realize the amount of "work" necessary to maintain the ego. But rest assured, it IS exhausting you. If you could be free of its laws, rules, customs, traditions, norms, morals, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, fears, even for a moment, you would experience the Peace that passeth all understanding.

M: So how do I get rid of it?

C: The ego does not exist, but you made it and you believe in what you make "real." However, you are learning to extricate yourself from allegiance with it by dissociating from what it teaches. As your dissociation continues, your association to what I teach increases. Hence, simply dissociating or distancing yourself from the ego is your greatest weapon against lies. Patience with this process is crucial, because your frustration merely signifies you are listening to the ego and not Truth.

Simply LAUGH at what it tells you...

M: I get frustrated with this process, because it seems to have no fruitful results.

C: The "results" are within you always, if you would look ONLY there. Yet, you look everywhere but there and see ONLY suffering. You see it because it is what you expect to find. I ask that you expect otherwise. Forgive the "world" through the laughter that realizes this CANNOT BE.

Forgive the world for your suffering because you do this unto yourself by BELIEVING that you are what you could NEVER be. The world did NOT create your "self," you did, the moment you forgot to LAUGH at the belief that YOU could separate and be different from the absolute and infinite joy and peace that gave you LIFE. Be joyful my brother and LAUGH with me once again...