Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Trail to Truth

M: I feel that even with all your help, I keep failing to get to this truth you speak of.

C: No one can fail who seeks to reach the Truth. You can delay remembering what you KNOW, but it could never be forgotten.

An illusory "self" can only travel aimlessly in circles because it has no idea who or what it is and, hence, no idea which way leads home. You recognize that your life has been a series of repeat performances, seemingly different in proportion, but always providing the same sense of disappointment and despair.

Be thankful that it is not up to a confused and chaotic "self," that believes it is bound by the needs of a "body," to find the way HOME. How could it be when the goals of the body hold the self hostage and every plan you made for happiness must be sabotaged by other bodies and the one you call your own.

God's plan for you is CERTAIN. How could it be otherwise?

M: So when do I get to know God's plan?

C: When you no longer seek the ego's guidance, you will see that YOU have never deviated from the CERTAINTY of God's plan. Could illusions supersede the WILL of your Creator? Could the will of a terrified and confused "self" take precedence over the WILL of your Source?

M: So I've been following God's plan all along?

C: How could it be otherwise? You have allowed Truth to recede to the background, while you give your attention to a dream.

While you believe the world directs your journey, you have never left the Trail to Truth. How could your petty plans for brief episodes of pleasure, that you translate into "happiness," impede God's plan for your infinite joy? This makes no sense, but you believe it does and continue on a trail of tears. You have been going nowhere. Step back and let Him lead the way.

M: So God planned for me to have a major illness?

C: God plans ONLY for your Awakening, because it has already occurred, and what you have planned for your "self" has NOT happened and, thus, could NOT interfere with what is certain.

You often find yourself wondering, as you observe the deep unfolding complexity of the dream, "how could something that seems so real, right down to the minutest detail, NOT be my reality?"

Illusions are as strong as the Truth in the mind that looks to them AS truth and your mind is very powerful indeed. Yet, because you have surrendered your mind to the ego, the mind believes in weakness and death.

The dream merely attests to the power of your mind, because if you could KNOW, for the briefest an instant, Reality as God Created, you would be absolutely astonished at what YOU have Created with your Father. My brother we have Created universes so vastly beautiful that even your most profound conception of what Heaven might be can only pale in comparison to the Truth of your Home.

Together, we will laugh at the idea that you could have ever chosen a dream above God's Reality. If you could dream up a "reality" so rich and vivid as to hold your attention, imagine the Real World you will waken to when dreaming is done.