Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Relax....The Choice has Already Been Made.

M: This yo-yo effect is killing me. In and out, back and forth, belief and disbelief, ego and holy spirit. I really get tired of the never ending struggle of this process that seems to have no end.

C: Struggle is a choice you require. It has NO basis in the larger picture, which the ego cannot fathom and if you ally with an ego, you choose misunderstanding and thus, confusion.

Nevertheless, for the sake of brevity, your next question is "how can I possibly be free of the ego, when my entire existence is predicated on ego concerns?"

This question negates Cause and Effect, because it assumes you were thrust into a world dominated by ego concerns, as opposed to seeking for what you were looking for when you came. You will always find what you seek, in a world of your making.

M: I get that intellectually, but the experience eludes me.

C: Then "intellectually" you do NOT believe it. Intellect is a thinking device you invented to hide from Truth. There is only mind and what you choose to experience through mind, and all your attempts to skirt this issue by creating levels of mind merely delay understanding. There are NO orders of difficulty. There are NO levels of understanding. There are NO degrees of knowing.

There are NO orders, levels or degrees of Truth.

However, these are learning stages you demand and, hence, conform to and so this hierarchy of knowledge, which you will "learn" is absurd, is your requirement and a condition that I work through to provide what you request based on your level of receiving. It can NEVER be other than what you require because that is the nature of Free Will.

M: So part of me wants more, while another part fears more?

C: Hence, the perception and manifestation of your  dualistic "world." The "in and out, back and forth, belief and disbelief, ego and holy spirit" of what you perceive, based simply on what you choose to reveal to yourself, that you then label a "struggle." If you seek to attain two opposing goals, you will ultimately achieve neither, but you will remain in conflict. You cannot straddle two realities and experience peace. You cannot ask for Truth, while perceiving illusions as "real." There can be NO compromise.

M: So I have to pick a side?

C:  So it would seem to a mind conflicted. But the choice has already been made. How could it NOT? If you could only settle softly into that choice, the shadows would retreat in defeat and the demons would cower in fear. To know, no matter the chaos that plagues the mind, that IT IS ALREADY DONE. would lead you to fields of absolute peace and joy.

The battle ended the moment it began. You raised NOT your sword, but swiftly dropped it into the fires from which it was forged.

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